5 Achievable Healthy Habits to Adopt in 2018

2018 is well underway, and we can officially say we’re out of the resolution zone where many of us find ourselves in January each year. Even though the first of the year has passed, we can still find some healthy habits to adopt through the rest of year. Whether your resolutions are still going strong or have been left in the dust, we hope you find these simple wellness suggestions motivating enough to incorporate into your lifestyle. Remember, the longest journeys begin with a single step!

1. Drink more water
If you’re like most Americans, you’re not drinking enough water. How much is enough? The truth is, there is no set amount. It varies for each person based on weight and activity-level. To determine your ideal intake, multiply your weight by 2/3 or 67%. So, a 145 lb. woman should drink 97 ounces, about 1 1/2 gallons. How much water should you be drinking?

2. Move every day
If you’ve got 15 minutes, you have enough time for a quick workout. Think of all the things you can do in 15 minutes; take a brisk walk, run a mile, squeeze in a workout, lift weights, or even hit the mat for a quick yoga session. A little bit of exercise is better than none at all, and even a short workout is enough to boost your endorphins and get your heart rate up. Don’t be surprised if your quick workouts slowly inspire you to carve out even more time to move.

3. Meditate
Taking 5 minutes each day to meditate can reduce stress and anxiety and bring about mental clarity. It doesn’t have to be complicated, simply find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted, set a timer for five minutes (you can start at 1 or 2 if you don’t think you can sit for 5), close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.

4. Adopt an 80/20 mindset
An all-or-nothing mindset, while initially motivating, won’t do you any favors in the long term. If you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet most of the time, don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally stray. Don’t let your “mistakes” be the reason you give up on healthy habits altogether. Simply do your best as often as you can and make a little room for those days when you do indulge in special treats, fun occasions, or missed workouts.

5. Take your vitamins
Vitamin deficiencies may have an impact on the way you feel every day. Taking a high-quality daily multi-vitamin can give you the boost you need to support healthy mental and physical function.

Don’t underestimate the difference one small change can make. And don’t be surprised if tackling one of these little habits pushes you to make bigger changes. What small changes are you making for your health? Share them with us here!

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