5 Resolutions for Healthier Living

We’ve all been there. We make grand resolutions and abandon them by mid-February. Year after year, we promise ourselves it’ll be different, but every year we find ourselves in the same place. It can be disheartening. The problem isn’t you: it’s your resolutions.

The key to making resolutions that stick isn’t having steely willpower or completely turning your life upside down, it’s learning to make smarter resolutions. When you make resolutions that feel good and fit easily into your life, it’s easy to see them through. However, when you make resolutions that are too lofty or imposing, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

We’ve put together our 5 favorite New Year’s Resolutions that we believe can lead to healthier living for anybody and aren’t too difficult to adhere to. Whether you pick a couple to try or take on the whole list is up to you, but one thing is for certain: your body will thank you for any healthy change you make.

5 Resolutions for Healthier Living

1. Meditate
The world we live in is loud and busy. Sometimes we need to step away to quiet our minds and find some peace, even when our surroundings are chaotic. Although meditation has been around for thousands of years, its recent surge in popularity has piqued the interest of many, and with good reason. Research has shown that meditation can have some physiological and psychological benefits.

You don’t need an expensive retreat or an extra hour in your day to reap the benefits from meditation. The trick to making meditation work in your life is starting small. All you need is a quiet, comfortable place to sit and 5 minutes. Your meditation practice can be as simple as sitting with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing, or you can opt for a guided meditation (there are tons of great meditation apps available).

2. Go meatless
Making it a point to have a meatless day on occasion will help you to expand your dietary horizons. Crafting meals around plant proteins instead of meat is an eye-opening experience that allows you to try new foods and cooking methods. There are many great vegan and vegetarian recipes available online. Who knows? You might even find a new favorite meal!

We love the idea of incorporating Meatless Monday into your weekly routine or even trying out a vegan or vegetarian diet for a week at a time. (Psst… we’ve also got great vegan and vegetarian supplements available at www.puremarknaturals.com)

3. Grow your own food
One of the best ways to save money on produce and control exactly what you put on your plate is to plant a garden. When you grow your own food, you get to decide what to plant, how to fertilize, whether to use pesticides, and when to harvest. You’ll know exactly where your food came from and what went in to bringing it to your table.

If you’ve never planted a garden, it may sound daunting, but it can be as much (or as little) work as you decide you want it to be. You can start small with an indoor herb garden and work your way up to a full garden. If you simply don’t have the space for an outdoor garden, check into community gardens in your area.

4. Get outdoors
Sunlight and fresh air can have such a positive effect on the way we feel mentally and physically. Make it a habit to get at least 5 minutes of fresh air every day. We’re guessing once you get outdoors, you’ll want to stay a little longer.

5. Laugh every day
What is life if we can’t enjoy ourselves? Laughter is so good for us - it boosts our mood and can reduce stress. If you’ve had a particularly difficult day, make it a point to call your funniest friend for a chat, or check out some funny videos online.

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