5 Ways to Increase Your Cardio Endurance

Building up cardio can be beyond beneficial for the heart, but getting there can be a challenge. When we first start our cardio journey, we want to run for miles and enjoy the euphoria that comes with the runner’s high. But, in reality, we are met with a heartbeat pulsing in our ears and a stinging of huffing and puffing in our lungs.

Whether you’re new to the cardio game or are a veteran, check out these five tips to help you increase your endurance.

1. Stay hydrated
Drinking plenty of water is important in increasing cardio endurance. Being even slightly dehydrated can inhibit your body from meeting it’s fitness potential. Hydration goes beyond just drinking some water before your exercise; it’s important to stay hydrated before, during and after your cardio session.

2. Intervals
Running, cycling or swimming in intervals can work absolute wonders for your endurance. Create a system where you feel comfortable increasing the intervals of the intensity in your cardio workout. For example, try running for 300 yards, sprinting for 100 yards, then cooling down with a jog for an additional 200 yards before repeating the process again. The most important part about this step is to listen to your body. Find a system that works for you and go for it!

Similar to intervals, HIIT--High Interval Intensity Training--is meant to increase your heart rate and build your endurance. You can easily find HIIT exercises with a swift google search, but expect a short, action-packed workout filled with squat jumps, burpees and switch lunges--you know, all the fun stuff!

4. Switch up your workouts
The goal is to keep the body alert and alive. When you do the same workout, your body gets used to what’s coming. Surely, you’ve heard about a little thing called muscle memory. To avoid this, mix a range of workouts into your routine. If you’re into running, make sure you allocate a day for swimming laps or take a Vinyasa yoga class once a week.

5. Stretch
Working on your cardio endurance can do wonders for the body, but it can put you back a few steps if you don’t take care of yourself! Be sure to stretch after every workout and give your body the time it needs to recover. The last thing you want to do is nurse an injury!

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