Our Top 5 Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

Coconut oil is so versatile, it’s practically the Swiss-army knife of the food and beauty world. There are so many ways to cook with coconut oil, it’s hard to find a more functional and useful product (check out our dynamite dark chocolate recipe here!). It can be used in almost any recipe as a shortening or butter substitute, and its high smoke point makes it a great alternative to some other oils. It’s no surprise it’s earned a permanent spot in kitchen cabinets everywhere, but now it’s time to clear off some shelf space in your bathroom!

With cool, dry weather knocking at our doors, fall is the perfect time to experiment with coconut oil in your beauty regimen. You’ll be surprised how many ways you can use it. You might even break up with some of your old products. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

1. Eye Makeup Remover
Even the most stubborn eyeliner and mascara are no match for coconut oil! Simply rub a dollop of coconut oil onto a cotton pad and apply to your eye area. The heat from your skin will liquefy the coconut oil, and your eye makeup will be gone without a trace.

Bonus tip: coconut oil also can make a great eye cream, so using it as an eye makeup remover can save you a step (and possibly some money!) in your beauty regimen.

2. Conditioner
We’ve all seen what cold, dry air can do to even the loveliest locks. Fight back with a coconut oil hair mask. Simply apply the coconut oil to dry hair, massaging it into your roots and pull down to your tips. Roll your hair into a bun and wrap it with a towel. Let it sit overnight, and then wash and style as usual in the morning.

3. Moisturizer
Chapped skin is a common cold-weather problem, especially for areas of our bodies that are commonly exposed to the elements, such as our hands and face. You can use it to help add moisturize your hands, elbows, knees, lips, or anywhere else.

Bonus tip: slather your hands and feet in coconut oil, cover with socks and gloves, and let it absorb overnight.

4. Shaving Cream
Shaving exfoliates your skin and if you don’t properly moisturize, you can potentially be in for some dry skin, even in the warmer months of the year. That means when you’re shaving in the fall and winter, you need to take care to add moisture back in. Using coconut oil as a shaving cream will give you a surprisingly close shave and pump your skin with moisture.

5. Nasal Ointment
Sure, it’s not glamorous to talk about, but let’s be honest, we’ve all felt a little nasal dryness in the cooler months. Haven’t we? The skin inside our noses is prone to drying, just like the rest of our body. A quick swab with some coconut oil can cover the insides of your nostrils from the dry air.

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