Taking the Hassle Out of TSA Checks

If you’ve flown anytime since 9/11, you are aware of the tight restrictions on carry-on bags and liquids. As a frequent traveler for both work and pleasure, I’ve learned how important it is to try to go carry-on whenever possible. You’ll avoid those expensive baggage fees, you’ll save time by going directly to your gate, and you’ll have no waiting for your luggage to show up at the carousel. You get more flexibility for those last-minute flight changes, too.

The drawback to carry-on is that you are more limited by the TSA restrictions. I admit, I’m an over packer: I always try to be prepared for any situation. I also happen to be a beauty product junkie. Fitting all my products into a one-quart plastic bag is the real struggle, but I’ve learned to adjust.

The Key to Carry-On Liquids

Let me tell you the one product I’ve found that helps me tackle the liquid issue: coconut oil.

I started using organic coconut oil in the kitchen several years ago when it became a healthy alternative to margarine and corn oil. Now, I’ve found it to be a great beauty regimen substitute that will help eliminate products from my cosmetic bag.

Moisturizer: If you have naturally dry skin, or just need some extra moisture, apply a small amount throughout the day.* I’ve found that it’s great to do immediately after I get out of the shower.

Cuticle Conditioner: Rub a small amount into your cuticles to extend the lifetime of your manicure and soften your hands.*

Shaving Cream/Lotion: Rub on a light layer of coconut oil rather than shaving cream. Not only will it help give you a nice shave but it will moisturize your skin, too.*

Frizz Control and Shine Spray: Traveling can be so tough on your hair. You never know when you’ll get frizzies and flyaways. Now, you don’t need to take a special humidity cream or spray.  You can just use a couple drops scrunched into your hair ends, wet or dry, to help smooth over flyaways. But remember, less is more with this one.

After-Sun Care: Even though we all should use sunscreen, sometimes we get a little over-exposed. I like to add few drops of lavender and peppermint essential oil with the coconut oil to enhance the soothing effects.

Toothpaste:  Squirt some coconut oil and a little baking soda on your toothbrush for a clean your dentist will approve of.

Mouthwash: Swish a spoonful of coconut oil infused with a drop or two of peppermint or spearmint oil for at least 30 seconds and you’ll have refreshing, minty breath without chemicals, alcohol, or sweeteners.

Lip gloss or balm: You’ll love the soft feeling of your lips after using a light layer of coconut oil. For a glossier look, you can use a little extra instead of lipstick.

Getting Coconut Oil to Your Destination
If you’re only traveling for a couple of days, a small tube or two should be plenty for all the needs above. I like to purchase these awesome silicone, leak-proof travel tubes. You can find them at your favorite travel shop. Amazon offers a variety of brands and sizes, too. They’re leak-proof, but I take an extra measure by putting a small piece of plastic food wrap between the tube and the lid to ensure no oily mess in my bag- just in case.

Tips:  Because coconut oil is solid when cool but liquid when warm, I sit the canister of oil in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes to bring it to a liquid state and make it is easier to pour into the travel tube.

Another great option if you’re traveling for more than a few days – order a container of your favorite pure, unrefined coconut oil and have it shipped directly to your destination. Hotels are used to getting packages for customers. I always call the front desk directly to get the shipping directions and to leave a note that I am expecting a delivery. With Amazon Prime, I can even get it shipped for free!

Additionally, if you only need to carry a very small amount for spot treatments, pack away a couple coconut oil softgels. Warm them in your hands to liquefy the contents, then make a small slit or pin hole in the softgel and squeeze out the contents.

Other Liquid Substitutes That Don’t Need to Be in Your Ziploc

  • Use a solid, underarm deodorant like Herbal Clear instead of a spray or gel.
  • Consider trying a powdered mineral sunscreen over a tube of cream or aerosol.
  • Use a powdered mineral makeup that has SPF rather than a liquid foundation.
  • Use baby powder or a powder dry shampoo rather than a traditional aerosol dry shampoo. You might be able to avoid washing your hair for a couple days and not need the many hair products that go with a wash and style.

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